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At last, it's a bench!

This piece was originally made to be a table base. It seemed a bit understated for the 60" X 96" X 2" maple top. It sat in the walkway to the forge for months on end, occasionally scraping my leg as I walked by it. So one day I stood it on end and the idea of making it a bench came to mind. Needless to say, it sat for more months, until just last week I decided to "go for it," and disassembled the pinned joints and took it to the forge to reshape what would become the arm rests. I had a pretty good chunk of change invested in the laser cutting of the components. I'm still debating whether or not to sell it and recoupe some of my loss, or keep it as a reminder. Either way, it's a sturdy, comfortable and interesting piece of garden furniture. The lesson here is that with a little engenuity and work it's possible to turn what would be complete failures into success! Never give up!

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