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All forge experiences are paused due to damage caused by an explosion from a propane leak.
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learn to forge experiences

If you've been dreaming about having your own forge, or would just like to give it a try.  Now's your chance to  learn some of the basics.  LLForge is offering informal, hands on, experiences.

If the experience you're interested in is not offered on the day and time you want

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Custom forge time available. 

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"Hands on Experiential Learning Workshops"

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You will learn the basics of forging iron with a coal fired forge. You'll meet me at my shop, and with a hammer in hand you'll learn the basics of the art of blacksmithing. You will square, taper, twist, bend, scrolll, and flatten the metal into your own unique wall hook.

You will build a full tang knife or blade from a high carbon steel blank. Choose from a variety of pre-cut, hardened and tempered blanks. You will use a 2"X72" variable speed belt grinder to establish a primary bevel. Once the bevel is established you will use the belt grinder to polish your blade. You can choose a satin, stone wash or mirror finish for your blade. Next you will choose from a selection of handle materials (scales), ranging from exotic hardwoods, composite materials. micarta, G10 and stabilized wood to name a few. Once you decide on the handle material you will have a choice of pins, bolts and rivets to secure your scales to the tang of the blade. You will shape and form your scales to fit your grip and liking. Next you will finish your scales and prepare for assembley. When the blade is assembled you will sharpen your blade with a controlled angle sharpening system to ensure the best edge possible. Depending on the blade you have choosen and your preference you will make a sheath or scabbard from leather or kydex. You will create a high quality, fully functional knife or blade that you will be proud of and use for years to come.

You will be using a coal fired forge, treadle hammer, tongs, cross peen hammer and anvil, along with a 2"X72" belt grinder. We will be hand forging a railroad spike into a beautiful and functional knife. We will start by firing the coal forge and drawing out the handle with the treadle hammer. We will twist the handle and start drawing out the blade. Once we have a handle and blade formed we will "quench" the blade to harden it. We will use the grinder to put an edge on your finished Railroad Spike Knife.

This is a 2-day experience.  Click on "Show more dates" and use the "request availability to schedule your experience

We will make a damascus billet and forge it into a knife. We will use 15N20 and 1084, or equivalent to make a pattern welded billet. We will start by cutting the two steels into 3" lengths. We will stack them in alternateing layers and tack weld. We will go to the forge and begin the forge welding proccess that will become our pattern welded billet, After the billet is welded we will forge it into a knife, grind and fit with scales to make a completed damascus knife. You will learn the step by step procedure for making damascus or pattern welded steel and how that steel is shaped into a knife and finished. This is an in depth experience into the making of damascus steel and knives.