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If you've been dreaming about having your own forge,or would just like to give it a try.  Now's your chance to  learn some of the basics.  LLForge is offering informal, hands on, experience, or demonstrations only if you're not quite sure the "hands on" is for you. 


You can book the 2 hour "Learn to Forge" experience below through Airbnb.

I am offering half day, full day and multiple day sessions where you can make a knife or blade or choose a more traditional blacksmithing project.  Contact me for pricing and availability. 


More online classes and experiences coming soon!

I will cover basic forge set up, tools, metals,  joinery, basic forging techniques, safety and more...

As a beginning blacksmith at LLForge you will learn by doing, the use of the coal forge, anvil and hand tools.  Some of the techniques I will discuss include drawing out, twisting, upsetting,  fullering,  punching, hot cutting, riveting, bending, forge welding, and simple tool making including hardening and tempering.   

It is my goal that you should be able to complete a project to take home by the end of the day..

Fill out the form below or call, text, or e-mail to discuss your day or days at the forge. 

 All tools, and materials will be furnished by LLForge.

Please have appropriate clothing and footwear.

Also offering demonstration only session if you're unsure about the "hands on" experience. 


I look forward to seeing you at the forge!

1711 E Zimmer Rd. Shelby, Michigan, 49455