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Mike Bailey Owner of Leprechaun Lair Forge


Nestled in a tranquil backwoods setting, Leprechaun Lair Forge is the manifest of a lifetime fascination.  

The energy of the peaceful surroundings permeate each piece made.  

For nearly a decade now I have been honing my skills as a blacksmith and bladesmith.  LLForge, (Leprechaun Lair Forge) now offers traditional blacksmithing services and products as well as high carbon knives and cutlery and blacksmithing and bladesmithing workshops and classes.   I was a finalist on History Channel's, "Forged in Fire," season 5 episode 13, "Horseman's Axe". The success of the "Learn to Forge" experience I have been hosting for the past two years has inspired me to expand and diversify my "hands on" crafting and learning workshops at the forge. I now offer four different immersive "hands on" learning experiences. Pick one that fits your interests. Hope to see you at the forge soon. Mike

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