Nestled in a tranquil backwoods setting, Leprechaun Lair Forge

is the manifest of a lifetime fascination.  The energy of the

peaceful surroundings permeate each piece made.  

The fascination with blacksmithing began decades ago when I had the opportunity to frequent a local blacksmith shop with an interesting and intriguing character and two highly skilled smiths.  From the spiral staircase that led up to the living quarters to the three headed dragon poised above a large wooden door with robust, hand forged, medieval hinges, I was hooked.  But alas, it wouldn't be until nearly forty years later, with the advent of a life changing accident, that I would have the chance to forge my first metal. 

I have been expanding and improving my blacksmithing and bladesmithing techniques for just over seven years now.

More recently I have become more focused on bladesmithing, largely do to the History Channel show, "Forged in Fire."  After watching several episodes I was convinced that I had what it takes to compete on the show.  So I Googled "how to apply" and after being directed to the site of the casting company, I filled out a questionaire and before I knew what was happening was headed to New York.  I was fortunate enough and skilled enough to be a semi-finalist on season 5 episode 13 of "Forged in Fire."  I have since become a member of the "American Bladesmith Society"  and  the "Michigan Association of Artistists and Blacksmiths."