, pub-8920246941250868, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0, pub-8920246941250868, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Forged in Fire Set

Mike Bailey with canister in forge

Railroad Spike Knives and pens

Horseman's Axe

Horseman's axe as seen on History Channel, Forged in Fire. Season 5 episode 13.


damascus hunter

Forged in Fire challenge blade

Broom Corn Brooms

Hand made brooms with sasafras handles

The Leprechauns's Rocking Chair

Made from 1" square stock this unique and functional rocker is conversation piece

Mr. Budders

Leprechaun Lair Forge mascot and guard dog.

Forgedi in Fire Challenge Blade

My blade ready for second challenge.

Chef's Knife



Mike Bailey Grinding Hard

Vendor Booth

Vendor booth at 44th annual Blessing of the Bikes, Baldwin Michigan

The "Leprechaun's Rocking Chair"

Made fron 1" square stock. This one of a kind rocker is functional and beautiful. You may purchase this on the "Shop" page..........


The Leprechaun's Rocker



Mike Bailey Grinding

Cherry and iron garden bench

mortise and tenon joinery with cherry log seat


Damascus hunting knife

Mike Bailey Forged in Fire

Custom made damascus bowie



Custom made knives


Wall hooks

Hand forged iron bench

Damascus Chef Knife

Damascus chef knife with integral bolster



Broom Corn Brooms

Damascus Skinner


Damascus tactical knife

Damascus hunting knife with sheath

The Forge

Damascus cleaver

Fireplace Set

Hand forged 1/2" round stock with "braided" grips

Garden Bench

1" square stock with mortise and tenon construction. Cherry log for bench top

Damascus chef knife integral bolster

hand forged patio furniture

Horsemans Axe

Horsemans axe head is 5160 shaft is W2. with sassafras handle.

Fireplace Set

Hand forged fireplace set from 1/2" round stock

Horsemans Axe

As seen on History Channel Forged in Fire, Season 5 episode 13

Damascus Chef Knife

135 layer damascus slicing knife with intergral bolster.

Leprechaun Lair Forge

Vendor Booth Blessing of the Bikes, Baldwin Michigan

Winter at LLForge

Winter at LLForge

Coat Rack

Coat rack from 1 1/2" X 1/8" flat stock for bar and 1/2"square stock for hooks. Peened finish on bar.

LLF Vendor Booth

2018 Blessing of the Bikes, Baldwin, Michigan

Garden Bench

Shillelaghs,Cudgels & Canes

Shillelaghs, cudgels, canes and broom corn brooms

Railroad Spike Tomahawk

Made from high carbon railroad spike with hickory handle

Hose Stand

Custom made hose stand from 1/2" square stock

Fireplace Set

Three piece fireplace set with hand wound hand stitched broom corn broom.


Hearth set

Hand made shovel riveted to handle, Split end poker and hand wound broom corn broom.

Custom Work

Door for pizza oven.

Railroad Spike Knife

High carbon railroad spike with faux ivory handle and nickel guard

Hearth set

Fireplace set


Trivet from 1/2" square stock

Fireplace Set Handle

Braided 1/4" round stock

Pentwater Farmers Market

Leprechaun Lair Forge at Pentwater Farmers Market. Mondays and Thursdays 10:00am to 1:00pm..

The Leprechaun's Rocker

Candle Holder

Candle holder from spiral rod.

Pentwater Farmers Market

Leprechaun Lair Forge at Pentwater farmers market. We sell Berries, Jams and "Kat's Treats" sells Baked goods

Damascus Skinner

Moon shaped baby cradle

Great baby shower gift!. Place your order on "Contact" page.

Moon Shaped Cradle

wire wrap handle 5

Railroad Spike Knife

High carbon railroad spike with brass, nickel and rosewood scales.

1711 E Zimmer Rd. Shelby, Michigan, 49455