Aaron Gray

January 6, 2021

I really loved my experience here. I made a pair of tongs to help me get started in my own forge. I also learned a lot about forging. I am very grateful for all the help I got from LLF

Nick Biggs

January 2, 2021

Mike does an excellent job teaching you about knife making and really lets you make it your knife by doing almost all the learning and hands on experience yourself. Highly recommend checking out his classes.

Jay Baker

October 8, 2020

I had a great time working with Mike. I learned some basic metal working skills, which has made me more interested in blacksmithing. I look forward to returning to work on some other projects. The property where Mike's forge is located is a picturesque bit of nature, which was enjoyable as well.

Br Morrison

At the end of the rainbow there is the Leprechaun Lair Forge. Mike offers a complete forging experience that fits all skill levels. From start to finish Mike is a true professional that exhibits the patience needed to guide folks through the whole knife making process. Contact Mike and make that reservation. The pot of gold at the end is a knife that you truly call you own.

Megan Johnson

If you want a full on forge experience this is your place! Nestled back in the quiet woods of Shelby Mikes forge is a home away from home. We took our Saturday to create our own knife and sheath through Mikes directives. Be ready for a full on immersion experience because he wants to make sure this knife you make is YOUR creation and what a honor it was. 10/10 would recommend this to anyone looking for a unique experience and learn some cool skills along the way.

Terrance Finney

Mike is an amazing teacher. Under his instruction I was able to make a beautiful Damascus knife with ebony handle. From billet to finished knife and sheath is an experience I'll never forget, and keep going back for. If you want to know if blacksmithing is right for you, the LLForge is the best place in Michigan to find out.

Kat Jennings

November 22,2020

My friends and I spent the day with Mike the owner, we each made a knife and are so pleased with the results. Mike is a great instructor, but I would caution you must be a good student since you are working with heavy, sharp, and hot equipment. This was a wonderful experience and I would recommend it to everyone!


October 24, 2019

This was awesome. We had such a good time that we will be back



October 19, 2019

When "learn to forge" popped up on my air bnb list of activities during a recent weekend get away trip, I figured I couldn't let this once in a lifetime opportunity go. Mike was a very welcoming host and an excellent teacher in what is a bit of a daunting undertaking for a newbie. He regaled us with stories of his experiences and was very engaging and genuine in learning about us. Safety was always paramount and we all had a good time. Cannot recommend Leperechaun Lair Forge and Mike's teaching enough.  Check him out!



October 18, 2019

This was a really wonderful experience. We had no idea what to expect, but were ready for a new adventure, and forging was certainly new to both of us. Mike was professional, friendly, knowledgeable, and oh-so helpful. He allowed us to make our own piece of art, but guided us when necessary. He inspired confidence and worked individually with each of our skill sets. He was generous with relating personal stories, as well as teaching us forging techniques, and we had an unforgettable experience. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes to create!


Patricia, Westland, MI. 

October 19, 2019

This experience was freaking awesome!!!!! It was so much fun. I definitely recommend and will be telling all my friends.

Private Feedback: Thank you for showing us a great time and being so friendly. We are definitely coming back.

October 2019

Mike was an exceptional host. He was very responsive to our request for an additional blanket. The RV was comfortable and filled our needs nicely

Marilyn, Parma, OH


September 22, 2019

Wonderful, unique experience

Randy, Coleman, MI

September 2019

This was a nice place to stay for our overnight trip. It had everything we needed, is pet friendly, and is one of the places we found that doesn't charge a bunch of fees on top of the listed price. Overall it was a great deal.

Sandra, Livonia, MI

September 2019

The place was comfy and good local places to eat. Beautiful, rural location - just wished we had no rain to enjoy the pond and hammock more.


September 9, 2019

Great experience at leprechaun lair forge! Mike was extremely knowledgeable. He allowed us to do the work with excellent instructions. Highly recommend


September 3, 2019

Great experience with Mike! Highly recommend.



August 28, 2019

Learned to forge at Leprechaun Lair in Shelby. Amazing host and awesome workshop. Already want to go back and make something else! Highly recommend this place. Very personable and experienced teacher.


August 23, 2019

OMG, everyone who travels to Western Michigan and has an interest in making things should visit Mike's forge shop. This was one of the top highlights of our trip and I hope to come back! You learn various forging techniques and take home a beautiful masterpiece! My 15 year-old nephew and husband very much enjoyed this experience. Thanks Mike!


August 17, 2019

Very knowledgeable and very patient. Time was not a concern for Mike ( good & bad ) and he let his students do the actual project rather than take over. Somewhat disorganized but always respectful and courteous.


August 16, 2019

My husband and I have watched Forged in Fire on TV for a few years and could not believe it when this opportunity popped up on our AirBNB registration. We did not really know what to expect but we learned more than we could have imagined. Mike was very personable and knowledgeable. He made sure we did the work ourselves so that we could get the feel for using a forge, anvil, and other tools of the trade. Everything was authentic and we both had an experience we will never forget. In the end we made something we are proud of out of steel and also made a new friend!


August 12, 2019

The property where the RV is located is stunning. Lots of humming birds, greenery, and even some bunnies. The RV itself had all the amenities of a house, just smaller. Mike was very helpful and welcoming. I would recommend this for either a single person or a couple of people due to size. But there are enough sleeping arrangements to accommodate 5-6 people. Will hopefully come back again in 


August 4, 2019

Though named the Leprechaun Lodge, the trailer is clean and spacious. Sitting in the swing next to the bubbling fountain of the pond is relaxing. The host has taken great care to provide pleasant accommodations. Highly recommended.


August 3, 2019

This is an amazing place to stay. Great location to Silver Lake Sand Dunes, not to far away. This property is beautiful and was willingly shared with us. Great hospitality! We will be returning at some point to stay again and experience the Forge opportunity here.

Private Feedback: We had an amazing time, thank you for your hospitality and being so welcoming! You have an amazing property, thanks for sharing it with us!


August 2, 2019

This. Is. Awesome. Step son and I got to spend time learning to forge with Mike. Great day, and Mike is very passionate about his work. Even better - he goes out of his way to make sure your time is enjoyable. Highly recommend this activity when in the area!

Private Feedback: The experience did drag on a bit. For the sake of the event, and Mike's time, perhaps the time allotted could have been adhered to a bit more aggressively. Still a wonderful experience, however.


July 19, 2019

Learning to forge with Mike was an exceptional, one-of-a-kind experience. Mike was friendly, extra hospitable, and very informative as he guided me through forging a coat hook from mild steel. It was no stress, hands-on learning with excellent guidance. I will definitely be returning soon to work on another project. As an aside, Mike's place is great too. My wife sat by his pond alongside his berry fields and really enjoyed herself. If you think you can take the heat of the forge, book an experience with Mike. --Jason


July 11, 2019

My husband and I traveled 3 hours and booked special lodging so we could participate with this experience. Without a doubt WORTH EVERY PENNY! It wasn’t a ‘class’, it was ’one-on-one’ guidance through the basics of forging till we could create our own unique piece of art. Set off in the country, in a picturesque wooden shop sits Leprechaun Lair Forge. I only wish we lived closer because I am sure there are many other lessons Mike could teach us and more amazing creations we could conceive. You start with a hunk of metal and in the end, you have one of a kind, hand crafted art. Thank you so much for welcoming us into your forge, Mike. We will treasure this experience and the time we spent learning from you.