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Millennial Gurus, Paige & Kaitlyn take a break with a day at the forge.

Millennial Guru is an innovative, passionate, and creative team that helps clients capitalize on the skills of their most valuable resource: their people. Our approach focuses on identifying people’s natural strengths and how to effectively use them in the workplace. By providing practical application strategies, we empower, transform, and motivate your team to produce high-caliber results. Check them out at

Aaaarrrrrr matey!!!

Nothing like a little playfull pirate play to end a very fun and successful day at the forge.


Paige is drawing out her hook.


Kaitlyn with her hook in the forge getting ready to do a reverse twist.


Kaitlyn drifting the mounting hole in her forged wall hook.


Paige getting ready to start forging her wall hook. Thank you both for coming to the forge. It was a great day, We all had a great time. Hope to see you again.

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