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Jaymeson's "Yatagan" Two day custom bladesmithing session at LLForge, Shelby, MI.

Jaymeson spent two days at the forge making his 1080 steel, yatagan and sheath.

22" overall length with stabilized walnut scales, brass pins and hand sewn custom leather sheath.

Jaymeson and his Yatagan

Jaymeson spent hours at the grinder shaping and developing a mirror finish.

Jaymeson with yatagan in handmade sheath.

Jameson made a hand sewn leather sheath for his yatagan.

Heat treat and hardening his blade in the sword forge...

Jaymeson showed great natural ability and has the skill, and temperance to be a world class bladesmith. It was a pleasure having Jaymeson at the forge. I was as happy and as full of smiles as he was. Thanks again.....hope to see you again


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