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Jamie & Cynthia create beautiful knives and sheaths at LLF "Create a Knife" forge experience.

After rough grinding her blade, Cynthia is in the forge getting ready to quench and harden.

Jamie heating up a lenth of re-rod to pre-heat the oil he will be quenching his rough ground blade in.

Jamie & Cynthia show the knives and sheaths they have made today at the forge. Both knives started as blanks from 80CRV2 steel. Jamie added bloodwood scales and brass pins. Cynthia choose walnut scales and brass and micarta pins. Both knives have a "forge finish" and hand stitched leather sheath.

A close up of the finished knives and sheaths.

Cynthia using the 2X72 belt grinder to establish a distal taper, primary bevel, and refine the profile of her blade.

After cutting out his sheath from a 5/7oz. shoulder of leather Jamie is stitching before fitting, dying and finish coating.

Thank you Jamie and Cynthia for a great day at the forge. You both made excellent knives and sheaths. Hope to see you again


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