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Carola, nephew Kade and friend Bill. An evening at the forge.

Bill Hemmen, Carola & Kade Hibbard

Bill Hemmen, Carola & Kade Hibbard showing off thier finished hand forged wall hooks in an evening session at the forge.

Bill Hemmen, Kade Hibbard & Carola Hibbard

Bill Hemmen is drawing out his wall hook while Kade and Caroloa cheer him on.

Kade Hibbard

Kade Hibbard working on the reverse twist on his hand forged wall hook

3/8" bar stock and beginning of wall hook

Kade is showing the 3/8" in bar stock that he started with in contrast with a drawn out start of his wall hook with drifted hole. It was a great evening for all of us at LLForge "Learn to Forge" experience . Thank you Bill, Carola & Kade.

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