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An upgraded and remodeled shop.

A new cement floor is a huge improvement on the loose trap stone floor. In addition the new corrugated wall covering not only improves the look but adds safety fire protection.

I'm very pleased with the new look and am looking forward to having new guests at the forge this upcoming New Year!

A new bathroom, gas wall furnace, epoxy coated floor and some better organization makes the shop more inviting and comfortable and functional.

This is the leather work station where sheaths are made.

I've added a new work bench and have separated the grinder station and vice work station so guests will have thier own work area when visiting the shop for an experiential learning class. I'm looking forward to 2022 season. The shop improvements along with two years of classes under my belt will make the upcoming season the most rewarding and successful yet. Hope to see you at the shop. Visist

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