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15th Birthday Gift A Day at the Forge

Will surprised his son Wilbur with a day at LLForge, Learn to Forge Experience. Wilbur's choice of projects was a damascus knife. A tall order indeed for a first forge experience. Wibur and his father set out cutting and cleaning the 4' X 2" 1095 and 15N20 steel to be used in the billet. Wilbur stepped up to the forge like a seasoned pro and began his first heat and welded the 5lb billet with the treadle hammer. After the initial weld was set Wilbur then manned the forge press and began drawing out the billet. After the billet had been drawn out and squared the billet I assited him in twisting it. Wilbur finished drawing out and shaping the billet. He then, with help from his dad, began shaping the knife. He was able to grind the blade to a rough shape and do a test pattern etch. Wow! what a great effort! He will return to finish his first damascus blade. What a pleasure it was having Will and Wilbur at the forge today! Can't wait to have Wilbur back to finish his first damascus knife. Happy 15th Birthday Wilbur.

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