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David knocks it out of the park with this beautiful knife and sheath.

David putting the finishing touches on his cocobolo handle. 80crv2 steel and brass pins with a hand stitched leather sheath.

Such beauty! David mesmerized by the beauty of his newly created knife. Hold it up David so we all can see it!

That's more like it.

David made this knife and sheath at LLForge, "Create a Knife" experience. An awesome accomplishment! We were able to produce this knife and sheath in an 8 hour session. Starting with an 80crv2 blank David ground a distal taper, primary bevel, and went to the forge to give his beautiful blade a forge finish. David then assembled the scales with brass pins, shaped and finished his knife handle. Great job David!!!! It was a geniune pleasure to work with you. You should be proud of your accomplishment.

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