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Another beautiful Damascus knife made at LLForge "From Billet to Blade" knifemaking experience.

120 Layer 15N20 and 1084 steel with pine cone resin scales, brass pins, and a hand-stitched leather sheath. Made by John at LLForge "From Billet to Blade" knifemaking experience. A unique immersive knifemaking experience starting with 1.25" wide bar stock, stacking an alternating 15N20 / 1084 steel billet, and forge welding to 120 layers. The billet is forged into a knife profile, ground to shape, beveled, hardened, and etched before being fitted with resin scales. A hand-stitched leather sheath completes the build and experience. Book your experience today! This is a two-day event. You can request availability by clicking "Show More Dates" and "Request Availability". Click the link below to learn more and book. Hope to see you soon!

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