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An awesome day at the forge! Elijah and Katrina put their hearts into forging wall hooks!

Updated: Jul 12, 2019

Elijah and Katrina knocked it out of the park. Each of them made a hand forged wall hook from 3/8" square stock. They learned basic blacksmithing techniques, drawing out, twisting, drifting and punching and more. It was another very successful Learn to Forge experience. Thank you both for making my day.....

Katrina July 11, 2019 📷

My husband and I traveled 3 hours and booked special lodging so we could participate with this experience. Without a doubt WORTH EVERY PENNY! It wasn’t a ‘class’, it was ’one-on-one’ guidance through the basics of forging till we could create our own unique piece of art. Set off in the country, in a picturesque wooden shop sits Leprechaun Lair Forge. I only wish we lived closer because I am sure there are many other lessons Mike could teach us and more amazing creations we could conceive. You start with a hunk of metal and in the end, you have one of a kind, hand crafted art. Thank you so much for welcoming us into your forge, Mike. We will treasure this experience and the time we spent learning from you.

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