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Golden Nugget knife. Character & magic made this one! Owen spends a day at the forge!

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

Owen made this at LLForge, "Create a Knife" all day expreience. Wow! what a great knife! 80crv2 steel and Golden Nugget composite scales with brass pins and a forge finish. Great Job!!!!! Evan.

Owen posing with his proud mother and his new trophy knife.

Owen is grinding in his primary bevel with the belt grinder.

Drilling the holes for the brass pins that secure the scales.

What a great day. Thank you Owen & Jewels for making it a great day for me. What a super kid and mom....Thanks again.


Me and Owen, Check this out!!

Before and after photo. The blank on the left is what Owen started his build with. The one on the right is his finished blade.

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Tracey Moyer
Tracey Moyer
Sep 05, 2021

Hi great readinng your post

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